Hi friends!  We closing in on the end of a very busy week!  You know I've been in a "clean-up and get organized mode" ever since reading that popular Japanese book over the summer.  So far, I've gotten our linen closet organized, my purses, and the books (such big jobs but so worth it!), and the playroom/soon-to-be media room is in progress as we speak!  Slow progress, but progress nonetheless! 

Now that our son has moved from his colorful big boy bedroom into what was previously the guest room, his closet needs some help.  It's the smallest closet in all of the bedrooms and the only one without a built-in dresser or shelves.  His former closet was a great size and had lots of shelves for extra storage.  The current closet only has 4 hanging areas, not ideal for his current needs.  

When The Container Store reached out regarding the Zillow Digs design expert trend report on the latest buzz in closets these days for function and design, it gave me the nudge I needed to get started on my son's closet.  Today, I'm happy to share with you "what's in" and "what's out" for our closets and give you a peek at my closet kid closet inspiration! 

Even more exciting is that Zillow Digs and The Container Store are offering a lucky reader a $5,000 closet design with a Container Store design consultant, including installation! How cool is that?! Go HERE to enter!  


1.  Items on Display 

Use transparent containers, hooks, and cute storage boxes to create stylish storage.

If you have room, add additional features such as an ottoman, chair or packing ledge to create a stylish and function part to the room.

Add wallpaper or paint to take your closet to the next level visually.

via Pink Peonies  Seriously, we can all drool together!

2.  His & Her Finishes

Split finishes and a clear distinction between his side of the closet and yours.  Many couples share closets, so it's great to see how his and her things can live together in harmony.

3.  Lighting 

Directed, recessed lighting, LED lights, or even battery-operated string lights make it easy to see what you wear and what you don't.


1.  Mix and match spaces.  It's better to be cohesive with the same hangers and shelving.

2.  Behind the door storage or hiding everything away.  Let your things be seen!

3.  Dark wood closets.  The new closets are light, bright and accessible.


As far as our son's new closet goes, I'm thinking an Elfa system with a few shelves to take advantage of the height in the space and some pull out drawers would make the small closet much more functional.  Here's what I have in mind: 

I love the selection of storage items at The Container Store and especially the blue huggable hangers.  I have huggable hangers in my own closet and they create so much more room to hang clothes.  I've never seen them in blue before.  You can click on the picture for a link to the item.

I'm excited about this closet project because The Container Store's Annual Shelving Sale is going on now through October 18!  It's a 25% off savings on everything Elfa + 25% off installation!  You know my husband does NOT want to spend a weekend installing a closet when I barely got him to install drawer pulls on a dresser


As mentioned above, for a chance to win a $5,000 closet makeover, including a consultation from one of The Container Store's in-home organizers, as well as custom installation of the closet, go HERE.  The winner will be announced on September 28. Lucky duck!! 


keep in touch! 

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Thank you to The Container Store for partnering together on today's post.

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