chocolate cake with raspberries ...
                                                                                           are you following me on twitter?
                                                                                                fashion mess ;)
                                                                                              do not ask what we painted with this ... :)
                                                                                              sneak peak of my new bag ...
                                                                    gorgeous Pilgrim bracelet ( thanks to jewelery store Stefanovic)

                                                                                               calming interior, great for day dreaming ...

                                                                    this is how 26 years old girls look like without make up ... :)
                                                                    my new favorite nail polish color ( it deserves special post;)) ...
                                                                                             nude lip gloss instead of lip balm ...
                                                                                                ph. Jelena and me

Last couple days i had terrible headaches so i couldn't post anything on my blog.... But luckily these days are behind me ( probably 'till next month ;)) and here i am .... Laziness is occupation now and i have photos as a proof.  ;) Just kidding, yesterday i enjoyed with Jelena in one of our favorite places in town, cafe in Belgrade Art Hotel ( Bah) , where we made some plans for our near future .... ;) Little bit of this and little bit of that, nice view, perfect cake, great coffee, we couldn't ask for more!
What were you doing lately?


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