Hi friends!  Not much new here on the home front as I've been busting it in the gym and with other commitments.  If you've been following along on my fitness journey, I just posted a Bikini Contest Prep- 4 Weeks Out Recap.  I "resolved" at the New Year to get in shape.  I had gained extra weight and wasn't happy in my skin, and was tired of feeling slow and heavy.  I needed to get my groove and energy back.  Three months later, at age 39, I was preparing for a bikini fitness competition (a very old "bucket-list" item of mine).  Now, in June, I'm really seeing results and am so thankful that I started when I did.  This has been a half-year commitment to myself that I'm very proud of.  It takes a lot of physical effort and dedication (and support from family and friends) to work toward something like this.  I'm super excited to be turning this forgotten goal into a reality in just 4 weeks!

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