All married folks know, when you get married, you also inherit your spouse's family.  I happen to have hit the jackpot with my husband's only sibling.  My sister-in-law ("Sista") as we affectionately call each other.  She is a one of those people who everyone immediately likes.  She's really funny, sarcastic and a terrific cook.  I'm so thankful to have such an awesome sista (especially since I only have brothers).  We visit with their family pretty often and I'm also fond of her husband, and especially their kiddos, an 11 year-old boy who is just the best, the kind of kid you want to visit with, and their sassy little girl, just 6 months younger than James.  And the newest addition, Baby V, who is just a week old! Oh, and they have three crazy dogs.  It's never a dull moment at their house and I love it.  In every home they have lived in, they have always entertained and had people over and my Sis is a natural at making people feel relaxed and right at home.  Might be the margaritas she makes!  

They moved into their current home, a new build, over a year ago and decorated it basically from scratch.  My sista and her husband are an example of a couple who decorate together, since he has a good eye and a strong opinion about how things look.  (Pretty much of the opposite of my hubby- the strong opinion part:) They are great at pulling looks together from a variety of stores and she is a DIY wiz.

I'm always admiring their home and, on a recent visit, took a few photos that they said I could share here.  I'm thrilled to share a part of their home with you.  Please let me know what you think in the comments- I know she'd love to hear your feedback on their style:) And I included links to sources where I could find them in case you are interested in some of the pieces.  Some of the links are affiliate links.

the foyer

When you first enter their home, you are greeted by a personally curated gallery wall, full of precious family photos and decorative objects.  The 'M' stands for their last name.  The deer head, owl garden stool, and large basket were found at Homegoods and the console is the Pottery Barn Tivoli Media Console Table as well as the Pottery Barn Park Hill Lanterns.  I think they did a great job of hanging everything in a way that looks sort of random, but cohesive. 

Can you tell how cute my nephew is?!  

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