Hope you all had a great weekend and wonderful Father's day.  I got to spend some precious time with my family on Sunday.  We are still praying for my Dad and my heart-felt appreciation goes out to anyone else inclined to add to our prayers.  I try to keep my blog (and life) positive and most of my intimate stuff private, but I know I have readers/friends who genuinely care and would be happy to lift my family up in prayer.  Thank you. 

For my husband, along with his Father's day gift, our son answered this printable and I filled in exactly what he said.  Pretty cute to capture the thoughts of a 4 year-old. 

And he filled one out for Grandpa too. :)


In the world of home and decor, Kirkland's is launching a Limited Edition Kids Collection this week.  They asked that I spread the word and provided a $50 gift card as a thank you to a reader.  I'm happy to oblige since I've worked with Kirkland's in the past and have found them to be a very personal and friendly company to partner with.  You can enter to win the gift card below and are welcome to spend it on whatever items you want (doesn't have to be from the kids collection). 

The pieces in the Kirkland's Limited Edition Kids Collection are really cute though, and the boys collection reminds me of some of what I've got going on currently in my son's room with the general color scheme of red, dark blue and light blue.  He just may be ready for some new bedding and I'd love to have the small table and chairs as a place for him to sit and play or do art projects.

The girls collection features pink and violet and the cutest owl art.  My sister-in-law decorated her daughter's room with owl-inspired pieces and it came out adorable.  


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