Hi all!  I swear the weekends go by way too fast!  I didn't get too much done at home since we spent half the weekend celebrating my niece's 4th birthday.  It's so fun to get the kids together and watch them make memories.  I took a bunch of pics and got some good ones of James. 

He sure had fun on the bouncy slide!

I can't get enough of this little guy.  People are finally starting to say he resembles me.  I think so, in the eyes especially.  But really, it's his delightful spirit that I recognize.  He's such a loving, happy little boy.  

On the road, I had lots of time to play on Pinterest and I was pinning away.  I've got tons of ideas for the future and am ready to tackle a few new decor projects soon!  And this pin caught my eye . . .

Ever need to hear that?!

Have a great week friends! Let's make it AMAZING!

* * * * * 


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