Of all the decisions we made when we built our house, whenever I was asked, "If you had to do it over again, what would you do differently?" My answer used to be, "I would choose different wood floors."  Ours are so pretty, bamboo, and I love them when they are clean, but because they are super dark without much variation in the wood tone, and also very smooth, they show dirt, dust and footprints very easily.

The entire downstairs level of our home is hardwoods and we have to sweep and mop weekly. I used to use a broom to sweep or sometimes if I needed to sweep quickly, I'd use the vacuum, then when I finished sweeping, I used a mop with wood floor cleaner to get the floors shiny clean.  It took forever and was not my favorite chore!

When I got the opportunity to review a Braava iRobot, I couldn't say yes fast enough.  Have you heard of it? It has the ability to dry sweep and damp mop BY ITSELF! As in, you can be painting your nails or sitting on the couch drinking a latte while your floors are being cleaned.  Yes, please!

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