Hi friends and happy Friday!  The last couple of days I've been busy preparing our home (and kitchen) for family that will be staying with us through the Thanksgiving holiday.  Whenever you invite people to your home, whether it's for an evening or an extended stay, I believe you can show you care for them by taking pride in your home and creating a welcoming, relaxing environment for them to retreat to.  

When people travel and arrive at my house, I love to have something yummy cooking on the stove so they can smell the aroma when they walk in the door, then fill their bellies, which are likely hungry from traveling.  If it's not necessarily meal time, I'll at least put out a meat and cheese tray or something to nibble on.  Our guests arrived at dinnertime, so a simple chili and cornbread were served, followed by homemade peanut butter cups for dessert.  You don't have to make a big, elaborate meal, just something that tastes good.  I often think the simpler the better because simple tends to put you and your guests at ease.  

In the guest bedroom, I made sure to deep clean everything, put fresh sheets and pillows on the bed, and added some magazines and fresh flowers.  

The guest bath was also cleaned spic and span, given fresh towels/washcloths, new toiletries, and a few gerber daisies.  Over the next few days, I'll continue to change the water and replace the flowers when they start to wilt.   

Hope you have a great weekend!



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