I have to admit, the funky nail art trend that is popular now has never really been my thing- even though I kinda like it on other people. But hot solid nail color I'm definitely down for, perhaps with an accent ring nail color.  I've been seeing so many amazing hues lately, I'm looking forward to trying them all!

I picked my Top 4 (because I couldn't narrow it to 3) colors and paired them with an outfit that I thought would be cute for Fall.  Then, I shopped Nordstrom to find the looks for us! I also went to OPI's website (which I'd never previously visited) and it's so cool- you can "try on" their colors, making your skin different shades and your nails different lengths.  Check it out!  The Essie nail site is good too, but it doesn't have the try-on option.

outfit image via Lilly's Style (but I couldn't locate the post)

nail image via Style Indeed

navy nails- OPI Incognito in Sausalito

gingham shirt (50% off)


outfit image via Seersuckers + Saddles

nail image via Spaz & Squee

purple nails- Essie- No More Film or OPI Vant to Bite My Neck? or Vesper

striped shirt (50% off) or as pictured (J Crew) 


taupe nails- OPI An Affair in Times Square


tweet jacket image via The Fitting Room, site not found

dress image via Ralph Lauren

grey nails- Essie Over the Edge

tweed jacket (55% off)

dress (similar) 

Are you digging these colors?  Have a favorite? 


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