You've seen these regular wooden stools everywhere I'm sure.

I recently transformed ours into this:

I originally bought the stools from Overstock or Amazon for our bar counter.  But, they weren't the right height and I never returned them, always planning someday for a makeover.  They've moved around the house, most recently ending up in our upstairs hallway.

I always knew I wasn't fond of the reddish-brown color as it clashes with our floors.  After painting the doors grey, and adding some animal print rugs to my office, I figured a paint and fabric makeover would look good on the stools.  

I pulled out my most favorite glossy black spray paint and gave them two good coats. 

Laying the stools on their sides worked better than spraying them upright, because when I did that the first time, the spray paint started dripping down the legs.  Uh-oh.

Then I removed the seat and stapled some batting and fabric to the seat, making sure to cut the excess fabric and wrap nice, neat corners.  I love this fabric because it's plush and soft. 

Then, it was time to screw the seat back on. 

I'm so happy with the result.  Of course, now I want to exchange our current rug for a Moroccan runner.

* * * * * 

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