Hope you are relaxed from a great weekend!  I spend the better part of mine getting James' book nook ready and photographing it for the Pottery Barn Kids & PBS Kids challenge that goes live on June 17.  The blogger who creates the winning space gets to giveaway a $500 gift card to one of her readers, so I hope that's one of YOU! :)

Here's a sneak peek I posted on Instagram and Twitter (@honeywerehome) on Saturday.  James is really enjoying it!  You can check out my Pinterest book nook inspiration board HERE.

Last night when I was picking out my clothes for the week, I realized I'd never shared that organizing tidbit with you and wondered if part of your Sunday night routine includes this too.  I only take about 15 minutes to choose the outfits and if I'm ambitious, I'll include some accessories too.  I put everything together on a rack at the back of my closet.  This saves so much time in the morning where I could be standing in a closetful of clothes with "nothing to wear."

I put the outfits in order from Monday to Friday, but may not necessarily end up wearing them that way.  I try to plan for business meetings or days when I need to be extra dressy or really comfortable.

I do this with my son's clothes too.  He's dressing himself these days though!

Sunday evenings are full of weekly preparations around here, including folding and putting away laundry while watching cooking shows (quirky habit), laying out clothes like above, getting James' snacks ready for the week (chopping fruit and portioning out), and mapping out the week in general on my calendar.  

Are you doing this on Sunday evening too or are you relaxing by the time Sunday night comes around? 

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