I've been trying to tackle a few organizing projects on my Master List and have happily completed two:  our mudroom, and, over the weekend, my son's clothes.  As our weather is getting warmer and warmer, I needed to take stock of what shorts and t-shirts still fit, what needed to be pulled out as too small or too hot to wear.  

We don't keep his clothes in a dresser in his room; they are stored in the drawers in the bathroom.  Two of the cabinet drawers are large and deep, which contain shirts, pants, and shorts.  The two smaller adjacent drawers are for his school uniforms and socks/underwear.  

I actually still like doing my son's laundry because I think the small clothes are the cutest thing ever.  I always fold everything and put it away neatly, but when people start rummaging around in the drawers, they get pretty messy.  

I pulled everything out, examined the sizes, and put aside everything he had outgrown.  I made a second small pile of a few things I wasn't sure fit and needed him to try on.  Sweatshirts were going to be put in the overhead cabinet, but since he only has a few, I moved them back to the drawer since we had enough room.  

The clothes that still fit were folded and put back inside the drawers.  Now I can clearly see that he's still got enough shirts that fit to last through the summer.  The top row is long sleeve shirts (sweatshirts on the top right), the bottom row is short sleeve shirts (first two are collared and the last one is regular tee-shirts).  

As far as jeans, pants, and shorts go, looks like he has enough of those in his size too.

I separated out his uniform clothes to make weekday mornings easier.  (You can read about our morning routine HERE).

And socks and undies go in green bins in the bottom drawer.  

We keep his pajamas in his old changing table, but that needed a good cleaning out too.

Now, we have pj's in the top two drawers, and swimsuits in the bottom drawer.

Cleaning out those drawers left us with a giant bag of clothes to donate to a cutie pie who is just the right size for them now- and a bag of pull-ups/swim diapers.  :)  But, I had to hold onto James' jean jacket and cut-off shorts.  He wore those shorts for so long, I just couldn't let them go.  

My makeup and my son's art supplies are next on the organizing list!


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