Have y'all made any Easter plans?  I mentioned earlier that I am so excited to be having my Grandma visit from California.  We are so close and talk often (she even reads my blog!). She hasn't been here since my son was about 1 year old, so I can't wait for them to get reacquainted. It will be even better since they'll be able to talk to each other and hang out. For Easter, we'll be going to church and then having family over for lunch and an egg hunt.  No idea what's on the menu yet . . . 

I already decorated part of my dining room, but want to add more Spring touches to the house.  For simplicity's sake, maybe I'll just add some green patterned pillows to the living room, a Springy throw, and tulips. That's an easy way to incorporate the season without going crazy. I browsed my Pinterest account to see what the most popular Easter pins lately are and found some good ones.  So many unique ways to decorate your eggs too.  

Here goes:  

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