We're just two days away from our Thanksgiving holiday and I'm thinking so much about y'all.  As I was getting a jump start on my grocery shopping yesterday (and the store was already getting crazy- on Monday!), I was wondering about you getting your shopping done and feeling like we are probably experiencing so many of the same things right now.  Planning menus, making lists, grocery shopping, trying to get the house in order, trying not to feel overwhelmed with too much to do in too little time.  I remember working full-time and just looking forward to the time off!  Many of you are doing that right now too, I'm sure.  

This time of year tends to get me all sentimental and reflective, so I wanted to tell you how much your support of this blog and your readership over the last several years has meant to me.  If it weren't for you, writing this blog wouldn't be half as fun.  Seriously.   Many of you have read since the beginning and it feels like we've grown up together.  It's been great to connect with you and bounce ideas off of and I just appreciate you so much.  It can be scary to open up and share so much of your life over the web, but you have made me feel welcomed and supported.  So here's a big ole' thank you and hug from me in Houston to you, wherever you may be reading this. 

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