A few girlfriends and I got together last night and were chatting about how some of us are Today Show girls, while others prefer Good Morning America.  Do you fall into one of those categories?  I'm a Today Show girl and have been watching it as long as I can remember.  I put it on each morning and listen to it while I'm getting ready.  I always pay close attention to Al's weather report and think about y'all as he shows how the U.S. is doing in terms of temperature.  It seems like most parts of the U.S. are feeling the cold lately.  Houston went from "I hope it gets cold soon" to "holy sh*t, it's cold!" in about two days.  Of course, we enjoy getting to bust out some of our cold weather clothes.  

This perfect v-neck tee comes in a ton of colors and ranges from only $5.50 - $9.  My 1969 GAP legging jean is a go-to I wear all the time.  Because I like them so much (they are stretchy and super comfy), I have them in two sizes (24 and 25) depending on if I've been eating too much ice-cream.  You know you like your jeans when you buy them in two sizes. ;)  These tall black boots are old from DSW (Audrey Brooke), but I think this pair is the most similar at the same price. 

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