As much as I'm a heels and wedges kind of girl, sometimes I just can't do it.  If I know I'm going to be doing a lot of running around, I'll wear flats and I always keep a pair in the car just in case.  I want to be comfortable and for my feet not to be killing me at the end of the day.  Until lately, the flats in my car were flip-flops, but it's too cold for that now.    

Today, I'm teaming up with Sole Society to share some of their adorable flats with you, which, by the way, are 40% off right now.  Their boots are also 40% off and hats and scarves are 30% off so you don't have to break the bank to look good.  You also don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. I remember working full-time and wanting to look nice, but putting on a pair of heels would be torture some days.  They would be slipped off under my desk as soon as I hit the chair.  I'd love to wear these to work or keep some comfy and cute flats at the office in case of emergency. :)  So many styles to choose from!  And all of these below are under $40.

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