How are y'all doing now that Christmas is a few days behind us?  We're still moving slow and on "vacation" while my son is home from school this week.  But, we're starting to pick up steam and I'm sure by next week will be all ready for the cleaning and organizing that comes with the start of a new year.  I already pulled out my 2015 planner and can't wait to get writing in it.

I'm always amazed to look back at the end of the year to see what we've done and accomplished in the previous 12 months.  Of course, having a blog where you document much of your home life makes it easy to reflect and see what's happened along the way.  I did an analytics search to see which Honey We're Home blog posts were the most popular in terms of how many times the post was viewed and found the following Top 10:

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014 

1 |  Home Decor Progress After 4 Years

This post shares all the early photos of our home from when we first moved in and our walls were bare to where we are now with drapes and rugs and grown-up furniture.  It's amazing to see how much we've done and how the once empty house has become home to our small family of three.  I've gotten more comfortable with my decorating style over the years, but find that I still question myself from time to time and sometimes make quick decorating decisions, and other times linger for months.

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