My little baby is turning into a full fledged BOY.  We had a date night last Friday which included a trip to the bookstore (his request) and dinner at a restaurant, just the two of us.  I told him when I dropped him off at school that when I picked him up we were going on a date.  Hours later when I returned, the first thing he said when I walked into his class was, "Are you ready for our date, Mom?"  So sweet!

But he's not all sweet all the time anymore.  He wants to play rough, pretend he's Darth Vader, and challenge me.  We can't go anywhere without his lightsaber or Mack/Mater/McQueen.  He tells me, "No," goes straight to time-out for one minute, and then chastizes with that pouty face, "Don't be ugly to me!"  And he wants to negotiate all the time.  Mr. Let's Make A Deal, I swear.  

He's developing his independence and exploring the world.  Finding out what he likes to do and what makes him happy.  Testing boundaries and asserting himself.  Asking questions and making connections.  Struggling with discipline and rules. Getting so good at talking and communicating.  He might be more and more boy, but he is still so friendly and outgoing, talks to everyone, and loves to give hugs and kisses.  He's already teaching me more about myself as a person and woman and mother than I'm probably offering him.  I get lessons in patience and self-control and staying "in the moment" daily.  I'm so proud to be his mom- I feel like I should thank him on Mother's Day for coming into my life and making me a mom.  It's the best thing in the whole world.  


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