If you read yesterday's post about the process of Decluttering & Selling Books, you are ready for Part 2 today, the actual reveal of our newly tidied up spaces!  I mentioned yesterday that, after reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering I got to work tidying our linen closet, kitchen drawers, and also got a big start on our playroom.  But, the newly decluttered and organized BOOKS is what I'm showing you today! 


Now at home with only the books we really love, it was time to put things back.  This time, I organized the books into categories and put like books together in the same room.  Now our books are mainly kept in four areas: 1) kitchen, 2) living room, 3) hallway, and 4) James' room.  Of course, I still keep a few books on my nightstand and in the master sitting room for decor and books I'm currently flipping through. 

The kitchen, for example, houses almost all of our cookbooks.  They used to be scattered throughout the house, some in the living room, some in my office, etc.  The living room now has all of the decor related books, the hallway houses mostly spiritual, career-related, and organizing-type books.  Let's take a look. 


In our living room before, we had books accessorizing the bookshelf in a pretty way, but all of the books weren't books we loved.  In fact, the books on the very top shelves were mostly purchased at Half Price Books just so the shelves would be full of books of similar sizes.  Most of them had never been read or weren't even topics I was interested in.  For awhile I liked the color that all the books provided, but recently, I was ready for a change. 

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