Are y'all recovered from the long weekend? It feels like an extra case of the Mondays around here, but after a cup of coffee I'm sure I'll be up and at 'em.  There's still so much to do after being out of town for the weekend and the laundry I meant to do yesterday is still sitting in piles, but at least it's out of the suitcases!  We spent Labor Day weekend at a rental house near San Antonio with my whole family and it was the first time we've gotten to spend such a long time together since my Dad passed in March.  He would have loved to have been there, and was greatly missed, but we all agreed that it was a fabulous weekend and we're already marking 'same time next year' on our calendars.


This week is the 14 week mark for our pregnancy and I've been so touched by your sweet comments and thoughtful words of encouragement as I've shared our happy news lately.  I love this blog community so much! After over 5 years of blogging, it really feels like I'm sharing this journey with old friends!  And it's so cool to hear that some of you are also expecting, so we are on this ride together!  :)

I won't do weekly bump updates, but will share every month or so how it's been going, especially since I really want to do this pregnancy different from my last one!  You might  remember I gained somewhere around 55 pounds with James and felt pretty miserable and unhealthy.  Not to mention it took a long time to lose the weight and feel like myself again.  I always knew if I was blessed to become pregnant again, I would be mindful to eat healthy and continue to workout.  My priority is a healthy pregnancy for the baby and me and, after a bumpy start, I'm already doing way better than I was the first time!  

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