For the last four years, every September, Better Homes & Gardens presents its Sylemaker issue and focuses on individuals who "influence style at home and beyond."  I'm a digital subscriber to the magazine, and this past issue was filled with stylemakers such as Darby Stanchfield, Erin Gleenson, Eddie Ross and Jen Ramos.  A day-long "Stylemaker Celebration" event is held in NYC as a way for influencers and the magazine to come together and share ideas and talents with each other.  

It's awesome these days to see brands and magazines taking bloggers more seriously and honoring what they bring to the table creatively and through their blogs.  You, the readers, are who make these brands take notice with your influence and voice.  That you incorporate Honey We're Home into your blog reading surely helped me be one of the bloggers, designers, and creators invited to the Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker Celebration this year.  

Today's post is a behind-the-scenes peek of the event.  If this means nothing to you, no worries, check back later this week for more home decor and fashion posts, and a big GIVEAWAY on Thursday! 

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