Lately, I've written a couple posts about blogging (here and here), but I am a student at heart- I guess five years of college plus three years of law school might be a good indicator of that.  I love to read and learn and take courses and digest material.  I'm into lots of things currently, like cooking and photography, but I never tire of learning more about blogging.  I have been to a couple blogging conferences (BlogHer and Haven) and taken three online blog courses by whom I consider to be a real pioneer in the blogging world, Holly Becker of Decor8.

I took Blogging Your Way twice (it was different material each time) and am currently enrolled in Blog Boss, a course for intermediate and advance bloggers.  Blog Boss lasts one month and costs $149 (returning students get a discount, so I paid $129).  The class is a mix of podcasts and written lessons (with homework) and covers the following topics:

Turning blogging into something you love again

Essentials of color psychology for blog branding

Using color psychology to influence your editorial decisions

Working from home and how to find balance + dealing with mom guilt

Ways to overcome jealousy of other bloggers and how to turn envy into something productive for your business

Knowing which ideas to pursue and which ones to shelf for later 

Goal setting + turning your ideas into action

New, smart ways to make money as a blogger

Do not work for free or for exposure and why

How to monetize your blog without ads

Storytelling for bloggers and how to find the best story angle

The power of a mailing list 

Planning and prioritizing your blog posts the easy way

How to organize your blogs, sites, shops and social media accounts in one place so others can find you easily

Social media tips and tricks for FB, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram

Teaming up with other bloggers, things to do and to avoid

Should you outsource?

Believe in yourself- you are enough

As you can see, that's quite the load of good class content.  I'm only into the first week of class, but so far it's amazing!  I just wanted to encourage you to consider a course like this if you want to delve deeper into blogger or need a recharge with some very practical information from experienced, talented and creative individuals (Holly has co-teachers as well).

Of course, there is so much FREE info on the web you can learn about blogging, so a paid course is not a necessity, but I am confident that Holly's classes, in particular, are worth it.  You can check out my Pinterest board "BLOG" for lots of sites that contain free blogging tips.

In the first lesson this week, Blog Boss recommended taking a reader poll to learn more about your readers.  I've wanted to do this for a long time, and I'm just now getting around to it.  I'm only asking two brief questions to make it simple, but I'd really appreciate your answers so I can get outside of my own blogging head and hear about who you are/what you might like about my blog.  If you want to leave a comment expanding on your answer, I'd be so happy to read it.  The poll format I used didn't allow open feedback, just the check-a-box answers.  What are your favorite blogs?  



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