It's about this time of year that we start planning what we're doing for Thanksgiving.  As you might know firsthand, it can get complicated to try to spend time with everyone on both sides of the family on one day, but we always make it work.  I have two brothers, both with significant others whose families are in town as well, and my hubby's sister lives close and her husband's family is also here.  So, we typically do Thanksgiving at my sis-n-law's house in the early afternoon (with her now three kiddos, her husband's parents, and my in-laws if they're in town) and then head to my parents in the evening to be with my siblings and their kiddos.  But, this year it worked out best that we'll do an early Thanksgiving brunch at my parents house, then head to Stacey and Frank's (affectionally called Stank:) house in the afternoon.

As my brothers' wife and girlfriend and I sat around the table last night plotting out the menu and who'll bring what, we got excited about this new event and now we're all planning to arrive still in our cozy pj's.  On the menu is coffee (of course), mimosas (yay!), bacon/sausage and eggs (bringing omelet/frittata toppings too), pancakes (with strawberries and blueberries), and sour cream coffee cake.  We'll all pitch in and they're bringing griddles so there's extra cooking space.  It will be fun to prepare this brunch together. 

Have you made your Thanksgiving plans yet?  It seems late this year.  How do you decide who's house to visit or when to stay home? 


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