Operation "Organize the Top 10 Areas of Our Home that Need it Most" continues today with the always growing amount of TOYS! Like anyone else with kids, and especially after the holidays, we find ourselves really needing a good toy reorganization.  

I have rarely shown this space in our home because it's not been anything worth seeing.  It was designed to be a "media room" - mostly a guy's space to watch games and hang out.  For a couple years, it was just a storage space for unused furniture after we moved from our townhouse.  As we've cleared out the furniture, there became more space and James started playing in there.  Christmas 2013, my parents got him the big basketball hoop that he and his friends enjoy playing, so it's here to stay for awhile.  I meant to have the walls painted a dark, manly blue, but it came out crayola blue  instead and we never fixed it. I'm thinking of painting it a darker gray in the future.

As for the endless amount of toys, we didn't have any real organization happening and James still has so many baby and toddler toys.  With his 5th birthday approaching, I knew we needed to let go of LOTS of those older toys and organize the space.


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