What a difference a long weekend makes!  We fully celebrated MLK Day with a mommy/son late morning hike through the Arboretum and it did wonders.  We went with another mom and friend and just had the best time being outside.  It's always great to appreciate the clear, sunny skies after many, many days of cold, dreary rain.  Being outside and being active with my son made me crave more time like that.  

I finished another project on my Top 10 Organizing Challenge too!  After two major organization jobs last week (the PANTRY and the TOYS), I was ready for an easier project.  My goal was to go through our medicine and gather what had been spread across the house in various rooms, toss what was old, and reorganize it into the categories I created over a ago.  Since we don't have a traditional medicine cabinet, I keep our medicine in clear divider bins in our linen closet in the master bathroom. After it was all done, we ended up with this:

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