Can I be honest with you?  Cleaning out and organizing my pantry was not something I was looking forward to.  I knew it would be a big job and, to do it justice, would require a lot of work.  But, it had gotten out of hand and I really have to stay on top of it since our pantry does double duty- storing our dry food and canned goods as well as decor and entertaining pieces and big cleaning tools like the vacuum and broom.

Although I'd actually like to "decorate" this room, and by that I mean paint the shelves/walls or buy ALL of the same kind of organizing bins, I'm holding off on buying anything new and all decor projects until must wait until after I'm done with all of the TOP 10 Organizing Challenges I've set for myself this month.  After a few days of cleaning out, tossing, donating and organizing this pantry, I'm happy to have this one checked off the list! 

Let's start with the scary before photos.  As you can see below, we have a nice large room for a pantry, specifically designed for lots of storage.  To the immediate left is a space for an extra refrigerator with hook ups, but we don't have the need for that now, so it's been full of cleaning tools and faux branches.  On the floor are our two  blue recycling bins that are always overflowing, bins of seasonal decor, and extra paper towels.  The bottom two shelves are for food and the top three shelves have been used for decor such as large vases, entertaining pieces like cake stands/displays, and cookbooks/magazines.  

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