Happy Superbowl weekend!  Do y'all have any plans?  We usually do a Superbowl party but are skipping it this year.  We have a school event on Saturday and a birthday party on Sunday, so it just felt too packed to try to fit it in.  Also, my little guy is turning 5 soon, so I'm planning his 'super cool Power Rangers' party.  You gotta love it when your little brother agrees to dress up as a Power Ranger for the party!  ;)  At home, I need to get it in gear and finish up my organizing projects.  I'm 5 down and 5 to go.  I'm planning to tackle a couple more over the weekend, but first, let's talk fashion and this week's Weekend Steals & Deals!

I'm so excited to see my Pleione Mixed Media Tunic go on sale!  It's marked down 40%, which is a great deal because this is one of those shirts I was happy to buy at full price because I love it so much.  

Pleione Mixed Media Tunic $34.80, $58 (regular & petite) 

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