And just like that, we're already in February!  Did y'all watch the game last night?  I caught bits and pieces but always watch the half-time show and thought it was great!  Love Missy Elliott- her songs take me back to the 90s, even though those songs she sang were from early 2000s. And they're still on my iPod!

So, this month we celebrate l-o-v-e and it also happens to be the month I turn 40!!  That must be why I remember the 90s like they were only 10 years ago. ;) Valentine's day comes first (in less than 2 weeks!), so let me share some Valentine's crafts and gifts I played around with over the weekend.  Dang, I hope 40 isn't too old to still be playing with crafts because I don't have any plans to slow down. 

valentine's day love tree

My philosophy for Valentine's day is to make it special for everyone, not necessarily only a romantic holiday.  I like to shower my son and girlfriends with affection too.  This year, we made a 'love tree' to recognize some of the important people in our life.  We wrote their names on a foam heart, and hung them from the branches of this display in our dining room.  

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