I used to be a purest when it came to workout clothes: they are for the gym or during workouts only.    Kinda like some people have strong opinions about no tv in the bedroom.  I'm okay with that actually, even though we can't see the tv in our sitting room from our bed.  My favorite reason for having a tv in that room is because I watch it while folding all. the. laundry.  But, I digress.

Lots of my friends run around in yoga pants or workout clothes, but I just felt like I wanted to be in "real clothes" outside the gym.  Now that I've invested in some better quality workout wear and have seen the styles that go "beyond the gym", I'm rethinking my former position.

I think it started with my Zella Move pants (they have capri too).  They are those pants you can workout in, but also find yourself reaching for on the weekend because they are so dang comfy and easy to run errands or lounge around the house in.  Also, I find myself sometimes going straight from the gym to the grocery store or wherever else I need to be, so I want to have some gym clothes that do double duty.  So, whether you're actually working out and then running errands or just want to be cute and comfy sans workout, lots of athletic brands give you that option.

For example, this outfit I put together includes a Zella athletic top, but it could easily work for the weekend, right?

top | jeans | bag | booties | watch | bracelets | earrings sunglasses 

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