Now that we're into February and I'm down to the last two of my Top 10 organization challenges, I'm itching to get back to decor and interiors and new ideas on that front.  Our living room has evolved over the years and right now it's got some Spring touches happening that I wanted to share with y'all. This is the place we spend so much time, watching tv, having friends over, playing games and my son with all of his toys.  Even though we've cleaned and organized James' playroom, he still likes to be down here with us most of the time. 

I'm still pleased with our coffee/table ottoman and it just fits the space.  I had the ottoman at the end of our bed for awhile, but it was really too deep for that space.  Here in the living room, I keep a tray on the table for decoration and function- to hold the remote controls.  I often switch the tray out, but this mirrored tray is from Target.  It was a steal at $40.  The green ombre throw blanket breaks up the beige color between the couch and ottoman.  

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