I think yesterday's "case of the Mondays" has worn off and I've jumped into everything we have to do this week.  Power Ranger party invites have been ordered and a costume for James to wear since he wants it to be a "dress up" party.  God bless my little brother who agreed to surprise the little guy by coming as a Power Ranger.  I definitely owe him one!  

I was sharing over the weekend how my house felt like a giant mess (with one room clean!) and it hasn't gotten much better, so there's that to deal with.  In my defense, we had my little niece over and playing with Valentine's things and decorating cookies seemed like much more fun.  And I got my nails done. (hangs head in shame) The house will get cleaned up . . .  eventually!  It's one of those things I need to learn to let go of once in awhile.  Especially when there are little kids around and sprinkles! :) 

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