I managed to check off two more organization challenges this weekend, the mudroom cabinets and the cleaning supplies.  I decided to make this into one post since these two chores weren't all that taxing.  The biggest part of digging in was just getting started.  I kept putting it off, but on Friday night I actually decided to "just do it."  Once you get going, you build momentum and then seeing the progress feels so good! 

organized mudroom & cabinets

I decided to start this off with the finished "after" photo since I didn't want the first picture on this Monday to be all our chaos.  Our mudroom is one of the hardest working rooms in the house, holding all of our jackets, bags, backpacks, sport bags, shoes, and gym towels.  We've got lots of hooks to hold the hanging things and baskets down below for shoes and more hats.  

Everything gets dumped here as we walk in the door through the garage.  And with our crazy Houston weather, I've had different weight jackets on hand and various scarves.  I keep returns here and that extra bin by the door holds our gym towels. 

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