Happy Monday! Hope you all got enough sleep last night, it's hard to lose that hour. :(  I've gotten my closet all organized and pretty to show you, but I wish you could just come over and see it! Photographing is so tricky because of the light situation.  There are three windows, which provide nice natural light, but I realized that it also gets hot or the sunshine glares into the mirror, so I keep two of the three windows covered with retail boxes. Lends to the boutique feel I was going for. ;) I have whittled down my wardrobe and jewelry to items I will actually wear, so it's nice now to be able to "shop" my closet instead of feeling like I have nothing to wear.  

Some of you may have seen photos of my closet before, but in case you're new to my blog, I'll start from scratch.  The room is 9'4" x 13"2 with a center island that has six square cubbies on each side.  There is a built-in dresser with overhead shelving, shoe shelves (with room for tall boots on top), and behind the door, more cubed shelves.  There are 12 hanging compartments, but I don't have enough clothes to fill all of them, so I'm showcasing my jewelry in those "empty" spaces.  

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