A bout of sunshine amidst some very cold and rainy days here prompted me to dig into my one small bin of Easter decor. I'm super excited for Easter this year because my grandma is coming to visit from California! :) My dining room had been bare since the new year, so it's the first room to get new life with the pastel Spring decorations on the console table.

I started with just the two lamps from Homegoods (I had to go to a second store to find the mate, but it was worth it!) and a Homegoods green jug vase with faux purple flowers.  I agree that fresh flowers are preferable, but for something like this, I think the faux variety work fine. 

The bottom of the console needed filling, so I searched the house until I remembered an adorable white wooden wagon I got at Hobby Lobby last year.  It's the perfect vessel for some oversized, colorful eggs.  

The bottom of the wagon is filled with tissue paper so that it would appear fuller.

I strung two egg garlands together (from Hobby Lobby) and hung them with command hooks. 

Two white ceramic pitchers and a plate complete the look with a few more pastel eggs scattered around.  I moved these pitchers out of the kitchen cabinets for this vignette. 

I like how these colors play with the dining room drapes I had sewn a couple years ago. 

I'm really looking forward to having family over for Easter and especially my Grandma.  See you soon! :) 


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