I don't know what's going on around here, but I feel like I'm reaching for a Kleenex about 50 times a day.  Maybe I'm getting allergies as I get older, but my son's nose is running a bunch too, so  I've resorted to putting a box of Kleenex in nearly every room in the house. Nothing worse than needing a Kleenex and not having one close at hand. ;) Luckily, Kleenex actually has really cute designs on their new boxes.  Have you seen them?  I have this adorable floral and bird design in the kitchen.  If you follow me on Instagram (@honeywerehome) you saw my grocery store gerber daisies last week and they're still going strong! :) 

And this cool geometric patterned box is in my office. Sure, the Kleenex box doesn't have to fit in with your decor, but why not?! 

In the living room is where I find myself grabbing the Kleenex the most.  The oval shaped boxed is different and I really like the paisley design.  Everything is cuter on a tray too.  

In my son's room is a funky, colorful Kleenex box.  I think this one fits his playful personality. 

Do you have a favorite?  Do little things like the color and pattern on the Kleenex box matter to you?  Go HERE to see all the designs and let me know which one you like best!

*Thank you to Kleenex for sponsoring today's post and providing the cool Kleenex boxes. :)


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