With school starting next week, I wanted to set up a place for my son to draw, color, practice writing, or do art.  Sure, we can use the kitchen table or counter (and often do), but it would also be nice for him to have an area that doesn't have to be "picked up" come dinner time.  Decor speaking, I wanted to add a pop of RED to his navy, light blue, and white room, and I found the perfect desk for the job.  Have y'all seen this World Market Red Josephine Desk before?  It's white version is popular in many home offices I've seen online, but I dig the bright, shiny red color for this space.  Here's how I incorporated it into the corner of my son's room. 

I considered adding campaign hardware to the corners of the desk, but decided against it because I like how it looked originally.  Instead, I just "dipped" the legs in gold spray paint and added a decorative washi tape trim for fun. 

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