It's been a few years since I've had short hair, opting to grow it out and going for a super-long length. But, in the last few months, I haven't even been "fixing" my long hair, it's just been up in a top knot or pony tail most days, unless we're going out on a weekend or something.  And, I started running outside as opposed to working out in a gym, and if you know anything about Houston, it's hot and humid here.  The last thing you want to do in the summer is spend any time under a hair dryer for an extended period of time.  

So, on a recent Thursday, after doing my hair (drying and curling it with my Remington Curling Wand), I took a look in the mirror and figured the extra length wasn't really doing anything special for my face or petite frame.  And I was just over it.  I pulled my hair forward around my neck and chopped a good five inches off.  With eyebrow scissors.  I had an existing hair appointment for highlights with my stylist that Monday, so I knew she could fix the crazy cut then.  

Here it is a few weeks before I cut it (with my girlfriend Courtney). 

And then right after I cut it.  You can tell my cut is uneven, longer on the right side.  Oops!  My hair was still pretty much all one length here, with long bangs about to my chin.  

But, I wanted it even shorter to show off more of my shoulders and back and just for a bigger change.  So, my stylist cut my bangs about to my nose and then added a bunch of higher layers all over, including in the front, framing my face.  I also got some darker blond added in on top and in back and highlights around my face.  Someone commented on my Instagram that it makes me look younger.  I'll take that!  Thank you!

This finally feels like a cut that has a "style" and I can manage it better now.  I may go even a little shorter in the future, something like below, but we'll see . . . My bangs would have to grow out more, but I like how her color graduates from light to darker and the hip, edginess of the cut.  

But, the cool thing about my new cut is that certain outfits look different with shorter hair.  I live in racerback tanks right now and I like the look of hair just skimming my shoulders instead of covering it up!  Fun for summer!



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