What started with wanting to get my son's artwork condensed and organized turned into a weekend full of cleaning out and organizing my office closet where things tend to accumulate until I can't even get in there, let alone find anything.  This closet is a good size and has lots of potential, but I wasn't making the most of it.  I moved my two wrapping carts into the closet because they didn't go with the calmer, more grown-up vibe I was going for in the room.  I still use them quite often (more on that later this week), but with all my mess stuffed onto the floor, I was having trouble accessing it.  Time to get in there and get organized!

It's funny to realize I did a big office closet clean-out almost exactly one year ago and got it to the point in the picture below.  I think the back-to-school time of year causes me to want to dig into those scary places in my home (or just rework areas that need tweaking), so I'll be doing some organizing projects in the next couple weeks.   I got a good start on organizing my son's artwork and that's a huge weight lifted!

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