It's that back-to-school time of year again!  I was sad to say goodbye to summer break, but always welcome the change of seasons and the fresh start that the school year brings.  My son is just starting kindergarten and I'm absolutely loving this age and his fun personality.  I really need to start recording or writing down some of the things he says because they are just too good and I don't want to forget! We're also excited about the teacher he has this year because she also taught our nephew and he (and his mom) said she was his favorite teacher ever (and he's in middle school now). 


We like to give our teachers a little something special to let them know we appreciate them at the beginning of the year.  Teachers always love getting gift cards, whether it's to Target, Amazon, Starbuck's their favorite restaurant.   And they can never have enough school supplies, many of them often buying things for their classes out of their own pocket.  Thoughtful, personal notes rank high on teachers' most favorite gifts, so even if you give an actual gift, send along that sweet note as well. ;)

Today, I rounded up 20 inexpensive, and relatively quick teacher gifts that I'm sure any teacher would appreciate.  Many of these gifts come with FREE printables that you can find at the original source, which I've linked for you.  

Wishing y'all a great school year! 

20 great, inexpensive teacher gifts with lots of FREE printables

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