I'm starting this week off feeling thankful for the things I so often take for granted like cold air conditioning and hot water since we had issues with both last week.  After a week of showering at the gym, a hot shower in our own home to get squeaky clean felt so good!  And although the air wasn't out completely (thank God), the issue has been fixed and now all the areas of our home are comfortable again in this 100-plus degree heat.  Houston is in the midst of a boiling hot summer and we won't be getting relief any time soon, so we have to make the best of it! 

This week marks our return back to school and it's surreal because it literally seems like just a couple weeks ago I was saying, we're so excited for summer!  I know blogging was light for that break, but now that James starts Kindergarten on Wednesday, I plan to get back to it.  I've missed it! 

James' Room

We've started transitioning James from his current room into the larger guest room with a bigger bed recently.  It's been a wonderful space for him over the years, as he moved in at just 4 months old.  It began as a beloved nursery and then, as he got older, a fun big boy room.  To bring you up to speed, I'm sharing pictures of his former room and how it evolved throughout the years. 

Big boy room with Pottery Barn striped canopy - perfect reading nook

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