Did y'all have a nice, long weekend?  Best part about it is a short work week! :) We went on a short road trip to Austin for the University of Texas college football game opener (our 2nd annual trip with our son).  

I can't pretend I'm crazy about the game, but I love the football experience, being there with all the people and especially watching my son get so into the game.  I asked him how he knew when to cheer and he explained, "You cheer when they tackle down and when they get a touchdown."  Okay, got it. 

And then we got to visit our good friends who live "in the country" and have a very relaxing and welcoming home.  I miss my girlfriend since she moved, but we're still making opportunities to get together.  It's awesome to get out of the hustle and bustle of our daily lives for a slow day with friends (and good food)! The homemade vanilla ice cream was to die for!  

Back at home, ever since I got my office closet organized, I've been enjoying doing more crafty stuff.  It's not just that I can actually see and access my stash of goodies and supplies, but since the clutter has been cleared out, it's given me fresh breathing space to get creative.  You know the feeling, I'm sure.  

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