After our soccer game on Saturday, I pulled out my two bins of Fall decor to get started making this home feel more like the cozy Autumn days we're starting to have.  I didn't get too far in decorating, but managed to change up a few pillows in the living room.  The ideas are still brewing. . . .  Then, on Sunday, I joined Better Homes and Gardens Pinterest board "Everything Fall" and wanted to share a few of my very favorite Fall Decor pins with you.  Sometimes I get stuck in my small blog world, but seeing all these homes with gorgeous Fall decorations makes me want to share with everyone how much talent and goodness are still in blogs!  #iheartblogs Please visit the original source, which I've linked to.  You may find some new blogs to fall in love with!

Emily A. Clark's fall front porch.  Emily is so good at "design simplified."  It's her tagline after all! 

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