Is it feeling like Fall where you are?  We're still in the 90's, but with it being September now and  a few weeks of school down, I can feel Fall on the horizon.  You've seen me pick out a couple of cardigans and booties in preparation for cooler temps, and I was thinking of adding some darker lip colors to my almost all-pale collection of lipsticks.  Since I usually wear more sheer color on my lips, I always feel like my lips are screaming, "look at me" when I go darker.  But, my motto for fashion and beauty lately is, "It should be fun!"  And, "Why not?"  I think it just takes some getting used to after you find a shade that looks good on you. 

As you can see below, my favorite lipstick is MAC (although I admit to not really trying any other major brands).  I have tried drugstore lipsticks, but I usually hate either the smell or taste.  MAC has no taste or odor, goes on smooth, and feels good on your lips.  I often add this gloss ('simmer') on top of any shade of lipstick I'm wearing.  Just a dot in the center of your lips makes them poutier. This gloss ('tickled pink') looks great on it's own.

This "faux" lipstick was applied with MAC "oak" lipliner.

MAC | Faux | Pink NouveauBrave | Cherish 

See why I need to change it up?!  I think it's fun to play with makeup and see the different looks you can achieve- especially with a darker lip.  Although MAC is my go-to lipstick brand, I'm curious to hear about your faves, and have picked out the gorgeous, sexy lip colors below.  

top left to right, bottom left to right

Are you a dark or light lipstick wearer?  Do you change your lip color with the season?  

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