I'm busting out the duct tape again and turning an ordinary wooden kleenex box into something fancy!  I originally purchased this duct tape (Duck Tape brand) at Target forever ago and turned a shoebox lid into a cool tray.  But, for this project, I ran out mid-way through and then couldn't find it anywhere.  I looked at two Targets, a Michael's, and two Hobby Lobby's.  I eventually had to order more from Amazon.  

As you would imagine, creating this faux snakeskin kleenex box was as simple as wrapping the tape around the box (I started with the top, then the sides).  The pattern on the tape is forgiving, but you can try to line the pieces up.  I painted the very bottom black with craft paint so that I could use just three strips of tape along the sides and so the bottom wasn't taped close- you have to slide it open to insert the kleenex box.  For the hole in the top, I made a straight cut in the tape, then folded the tape underneath the lid part. 

I think I must be getting allergies as I get older, because it seems I'm reaching for a kleenex several times a day.  I keep boxes everywhere.  It's nice to have a stylish box on my bedside table.  Especially next to that Homegoods lamp! Score! 


If you missed yesterday's post, I wanted to let you know that I'm at Pinterest Told Me To, sharing my "Closet Confessions".  The Internet ate half my post yesterday morning and I had to fix it, so I wasn't sure if you saw that part.  ;) 

See you tomorrow with this Weekend's Steals & Deals! 


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