You can tell summer is in full swing over here as my posts are getting later and later.  My typical posting time has always been 6:00 a.m., and I'm sitting here finishing up this post at 3:45 p.m.  Morning workouts and evenings where I take time off from the computer are partially to blame, but today, a swimming date with cousins won out.  It's so worth it and we're taking advantage of the time to get together.

I'm happy to report that James is doing so much better with his swimming (three weeks of lessons down, one to go), but he did wear his floaties for a bit when they were running and jumping in the pool, trying to make jump shots into the basketball hoop.  "Mom, make a video!" he says and I comply.  He could watch himself on repeat for hours!

It's easy to talk about the excitement of summer and slower days, but over here, sometimes we still find ourselves busy, busy.  Not always, but there are definite ebbs and flows, so when we have the chance to deliberately chill out, I'm savoring it!  It's cliche and yet so true that these kids grow up so fast!  Many of the nurseries I'm featuring today are for kids that have since outgrown them and they are already being tuned into big boy and girl rooms!  You can see James' nursery here and his big boy room here and here.

My HWH Loves Bloggers posts are an ongoing series where I feature your spaces that you tag #HWHlovesbloggers on Instagram So far, we've gotten to peek inside our friends' gorgeous BEDROOMS, LIVING ROOMS, KITCHENS, BATHROOMS, and KID ROOMS.  If you missed any of them, you'll definitely want to check them out.  Thank you so much for tagging #HWHlovesbloggers.

Today, I'm sharing your NURSERIES!  I know so much thought and planning and love goes into these rooms for our babies and I delighted over each one of them.  

#HWHlovesbloggers | NURSERIES 

18 Creative Real Life Nurseries - Great inspiration from home bloggers and designers

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