I mentioned that the contest prep put a damper on the start of our summer with regards to planning family outings and going to restaurants has been off limits, so it's also cut down on my social life since so many of our get-togethers involve food and restaurants.  I'm blessed with great girlfriends who were happy to stop by or go for a walk with me and I appreciated that so much.  Long chats on the phone were also a must!  You can imagine how excited I was to have an entire girls' weekend last week as I traveled to Atlanta for the Haven blog conference.  There was much needed girl time as well as lots of good food!  Here's a brief recap of the trip with the details on where we ate and what I wore.  

I took off on Thursday morning and flew from Houston to Dallas (just a quick 45 minute trip) to scoop up Cassie so we could fly together to Atlanta.  Traveling with a friend is so much better! And we arranged to meet up at the airport in Atlanta with Jen. Three blogging buddies reunited again! 

embroidered top | crocheted shorts (similar) | initial necklace | wrap braceletSt. Ann Tote - I have the big version this tote bag and it was perfect for traveling in.  It fit my laptop inside as well as my favorite jean jacket (similar) that I don't leave home without when traveling just in case the AC freezes me out.  

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