This weekend was filled to the brim celebrating our now 5-year old!  I know all parents feel this way, but we are just so proud of him and delighting in the person he is becoming.  Since I stay home, I'm grateful to have lots of time spent with him and made sure to include him on every decision for his party, down to the favor gifts he'd give to his friends that came to his party.  I love getting his input and hearing his opinion on things. And who knows better what gifts other 5-year olds would enjoy than another 5 year old?!  Though this particular birthday pulled hard at my heartstrings, we all survived!


I feel like I'm going cross-eyed looking for a grey rug for our master bedroom.  I've searched so many sites (and visited Homegoods), and the rugs were all starting to run together.  Many retailers also carry the same rugs, so I've been checking prices and size selection.  Lots of the rugs I found below would be good choices for our bedroom, but they aren't all available beyond 8x10.  I need about 9x11.  

When purchasing a rug online, I'm careful to read the rug specifications/description so I know what material it's made of and the pile height.  Some of these are flat weave rugs, which I don't prefer the feel of on my feet, but other people love them.  Also, for instance, I really like #12 (first graphic), but it's indoor/outdoor.  That might be great for a breakfast room or other high traffic area, but not necessarily for the bedroom.  

Of course, one of my favorites is #8 (first graphic), but it's the most expensive! Of course. :( Doesn't that always happen?! And #1 (first graphic) is also awesome, but too small for our space.  Choosing a rug feels like a big commitment because it then limits your bedding choices.  But, I'm ready to add another layer to our room and since I'm still fond of our bedding after several years (and know I love a neutral bedroom), I want to finally choose one.  Do you have a favorite? 

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