Although I'm a blogger, I'm also a blog reader and follower of (many) other blogs.  I continue to get lost in blogs for hours late at night and am giddy when I find a blog that is full of creative talent, exciting ideas, and cool projects.  I fall hard for beautiful photography (especially food photos), the way a post is written, and the little thrill of getting to peek into someone's home.

Last weekend, I went to the Haven blog conference in Atlanta, where home and DIY bloggers can connect face-to-face, instead of just visiting with each other online.  Social media platforms like Instagram have made a lot of us closer these days because we can see what each other is looking at, working on, or doing throughout the day.  It's easy to leave a quick comment and respond back and forth.  But, getting to actually hear someone's voice and interact with them in person is priceless.

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