Hi friends, no Wardrobe Wednesday here as I just want to savor the last drops of summer before school starts (too early!) for us in just two weeks.  I can't stop time, but I can enjoy the lazy days we've been fortunate to have recently and for the next couple weeks.  I want so bad to be present in the moment with my child and it's difficult to do that for every moment of the day, but sometimes, those moments happen and you don't even have to try.

The morning when James declared, "I want to paint!", I admit my first thought was about how messy it would be and how I'd have to pull out all the supplies and the kitchen counters would have paint everywhere, etc.  Not wanting to be "that mom", I quickly changed my attitude and just took the painting outside so it didn't matter about the mess.  When I relaxed, I was able to just enjoy being outside with my son, and even got in on the painting action.  I can only play sword fight or lightsaber war for so long, but when we are doing something crafty together, or reading or playing a game, it's much easier for us both to get lost in time.  

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