Even though my son has been out of school for about a month now, it's only finally feeling like summer to me because he was going to a local day camp part-time.  For the rest of the summer, he'll be at home with me (and will maybe go to camp here or there if he wants to - some of his friends from school are there and you can go by the day if you want).  I thought about putting together a generalized schedule for our days, because we do tend to operate better here with some sense of routine, but I decided against it for now.  I've been living by my schedule these last few months- I'm ready for a break!  We'll just take each day as it comes and roll with it for awhile. 

My son loves to play with his toys (Star Wars, Legos, Power Rangers) and watch videos on his iPad while he plays, but I want to get active with him.  I play with his toys with him sometimes, but since it's summer and we have more time, I was thinking we could incorporate some things we might not normally do.  With his interests in mind (he's 4), I made a general list of fun things we could do this summer.  Even though it's called "Summer Fun Bucket List", I'm not focused on checking things off the list as items we must or should complete this summer.  It's just for reference . . . 

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